Dear all,

Due to the huge amount of Fa(n)bulous package orders we are running out of space, meaning we need to add more disks to our current server in order to supply the demand, however, our datacenter has let us know that we need to wait at least a week for new disks deployment due to the huge demand due to Chia mining (a "new" cryptocurrency). The huge demand for HDD and SSD disks has increased the price and the deployment times (HDD drives are out of stock in some shops).

If it was not for Chia, usually disks deployment takes only 1-2 hours and a server reboot so this is an extraordinary situation. As some people are waiting for the sites to be transferred (or any kind of transfer or restoration) we have two (or three) options:

  1. Wait until our data center can provide us the new disks.
  2. We can migrate your sites to our cPanel packages for the same price as your current DirectAdmin (Fanbulous) package.
  3. In case the data center cannot provide the new disks on time, we will set up a new server with DirectAdmin.

There is still room on the server for sites, however, due to the number of orders we cannot calculate how big the sites being transferred are, so it's better to be cautious, for this reason, Fanbulous orders have been temporally closed and packages are out of stock. If anyone was thinking of ordering, we have reenabled FansCity's coupon code "cityoff" for "City" package unlimited disk space and unlimited sites for $15.99 with cPanel, check the rest of the features on

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, Any issues or doubts let us know.




Friday, August 6, 2021

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