Which shared plan should I choose?

In FansCity we have two different shared plans: limited (P) and unlimited (U).

Our limited plans are limited on storage (15GB, 30GB, 45GB) and resources, however, limited plans resources are higher than unlimited's.

Shared plans and U-3 limits:
2 CPU Usage
3 GB Memory
3MB/s I/O Usage
No Inodes limit

U1 Limits:
25% CPU Usage
250MB Memory
550KB/s I/O Usage
35,000 Inodes limit

U2 Limits:
65% CPU Usage
750MB Memory
1MB/s I/O Usage
63,000 Inodes limit

What does those limits mean?

CPU: When user hits CPU limit, processes within that limit are slowed down. For example, if you set your CPU limit to 10%, and processes inside LVE want to use more then 10% they will be throttled (put to sleep) to make sure they don't use more then 10%. In reality, processes don't get CPU time above the limit, and it happens much more often then 1 second interval, but the end result is that processes are slowed down so that their usage is never above the CPU limit set.
Memory: When LVE goes over physical memory limit, CloudLinux will first free up memory used for disk cache, and if that is not enough, it will kill some of the processes within that LVE, and increment fPMEM counter. This will usually cause web server to serve 500 and 503 errors. Physical memory limit is a much better way to limit memory for shared hosting.
I/O: IO limits restrict the data throughput for the customer. They are in KB/s. When limit is reached, the processes are throttled (put to sleep). This makes sure that processes within LVE cannot go over the limit,. Yet don't stop working, nor getting killed -- they just work slower when the limit is reached.
Inodes: An inode is a data structure on a file system used to keep information about a file or a folder. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders an account has.

If you do not think your site will get much bigger or it will be not bigger than our limited packages, we will always recommend to choose our limited packages, if you run out of space, then we would recommend to switch to our U-3 package; which has the same resources limits. However, if you are starting to build your site and you do not want to care about your space, we recommend our U1 and U2 plans which are more affordable, this plans will only suit you if your sites are just getting starter (not many visitors). However, you can test our U1 and U2 packages, once you reach those limits for a long time you will be notified by our system in your e-mail.

Our limited shared plans, reseller and U-3 plans, all have the same resources limit. Those limits are more than enough tu run your fansites, in fact, most hosting companies offer less resources! If we add we use LiteSpeed was webserver while most companies use Apache, your site will never hit those limits, only in the unlikely event your site is getting attacked. Just a small comparison, if your site uses 75% CPU usage (0.75) in a Apache server, it will only consume 25% in a LiteSpeed equipped server.

WHAT ABOUT U-1 and U-2?
U-1 and U-2 plans are suited for small sites or new sites. U-2 limits should fit average sites, U-1 limits should fit small sites/new sites.

If you have any doubt, you can always contact us before ordering!

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